RED SKY MORNING  (President's Agent Series: Book 1)
Whether the world is ready or not, a new breed of secret agent has begun operating in the shadows. ​It’s the year 2032, and Mike Brennan finds his life in a seemingly downward spiral. Before he has the chance to write himself off, Brennan unexpectedly finds himself assigned as a special agent to the President and is given the opportunity to change to course of America’s future—and his own.

A visceral glimpse into the future of terrorism, espionage, and deceit, the novel is at once a twisting spy thriller and a compelling tale of one man’s choices involving love, friendship, and responsibility - and the repercussions that ultimately follow. 

RED SKY MORNING is available through Amazon in 6x9 regular print, 6x9 large print, and in downloadable form 

PAPER TIGER   (President's Agent Series: Book 2)​ 

Following a harrowing crash landing, agent Craig Van Essen finds he has escaped death only to discover that his life will never be the same. Leaving the CIA to accept the position as the President’s secret agent, Van Essen quickly learns that his new job comes with a new level of danger. His first mission places him in pursuit of the person behind the most heinous crime of the century—the same person who’d also taken from him what mattered most in the world. Bringing the reader first to Switzerland, then Italy, and finally New York City, Paper Tiger provides a potent glimpse into the dark world of terrorism, espionage, and deceit.   

PAPER TIGER is available through Amazon in 6x9 large print paperback or in downloadable form

ACE CARD   (Black Vault Series: Book 1)​ 

January, 1953. A new President is sworn in.
At the same time, agent Ted Brooks is given charge of Black Vault, a strange underground spy organization, and quickly finds himself in more danger than ever before. Brooks and his team must learn to work together while they hunt down and destroy a new and mysterious adversary: Vexa.

ACE CARD is available through Amazon in 6x9 large print paperback or in eBook form (Kindle)

QUEEN of HEARTS  (Black Vault Series - book 2)

Agent Ted Brooks learns there is more to Black Vault than he'd ever imagined. After saving the life a beautiful girl found bound gagged in the trunk of a car, he is told of a mysterious associate spy division located deep inside post-war Austria.

He and his group head to Europe to investigate, only to find treachery and deceit lurking around every turn. Soon, they find themselves surrounded by more danger and uncertainty than ever before.

After uncovering a fiendish Soviet plot, the Black Vault team encounter backstabbing double agents, a beautiful and devious villain, and enough twists and turns to keep them second-guessing everyone around them—including themselves.

A heart-pounding action thriller, blending the perils and reality of the espionage world with the right touch of romance, humor, and action—a combination sure to immerse readers and keep them turning pages in pursuit of The Queen of Hearts

QUEEN OF HEARTS is available through Amazon in 6x9 large print paperback or in eBook form (Kindle)

WHITE SANDS  (President's Agent Series: Book 3)​ 

​It's World War II, and the American President has high hopes for a new top-secret weapon--and for his agent as well. 

President Truman's agent must fight for his life as his assignment brings him to the center stage of one of America's greatest wartime secrets: the Manhattan Project. The reader can expect a non-stop thrill ride into the dark and unforgiving world of wartime espionage.

WHITE SANDS is available through Amazon in 6x9 large print paperback or in downloadable form