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On sale now:  QUEEN of HEARTS  (Black Vault Series: Book 2)
Agent Ted Brooks discovers there is more to Black Vault than he'd ever imagined. After saving the life a beautiful girl found bound gagged in the trunk of a car, he learns of a mysterious associate spy division located deep inside post-war Austria.

He and his group head to Europe to investigate, only to find treachery and deceit lurking around every turn. Soon, they find themselves surrounded by more danger and uncertainty than ever before.

After uncovering a fiendish Soviet plot, the Black Vault team encounter backstabbing double agents, a beautiful and devious villain, and enough twists and turns to keep them second-guessing everyone around them—including themselves.

A heart-pounding action thriller, blending the perils and reality of the espionage world with the right touch of romance, humor, and action—a combination sure to immerse readers and keep them turning pages in pursuit of The Queen of Hearts

​QUEEN of HEARTS is available now through Amazon in downloadable form (eBook). Coming soon in paperback.

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